Australian Smoked Chorizo Sausage (2pcs/200g)

Our cured and fermented Chorizo range is made from 100% Free Range Pork raised in Goondiwindi, southern Queensland at Gooralie Free Range Pork.

We handpicked Gooralie as our Free Range Pork supplier as their all-natural pork meat is the best we have tasted. Gooralie Free Range Pork is the longest standing RSPCA approved farming scheme piggery in Australia. Their pigs are fed a natural, nutritiously balanced diet free from chemical residue, antibiotics, and hormone growth promotants. Their happy pigs roam freely with constant access to fresh water, feed, and shelter. With happy pigs, we believe you really can taste the difference.

Like all of Salumi Australia’s cured meats and fermented small goods, our Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo contain no fillers or binders. Low levels of nitrite are present to ensure unwanted bacteria are eliminated during the fermentation process.

Our Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo are naturally cased. They are cured and fermented for 48 hours resulting in a 15-20% weight loss.



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