Refer a friend & be rewarded $50 credit*

Refer your friends to join East Side Butchers and get rewarded with $50 credit* for yourself and your friend. 
*Credit can be used storewide to offset 20% of each order with no minimum purchase per order.

To refer a friend, follow these steps:

1. Go to the top of this page. Click on MY ACCOUNT > Referral Link

2. Copy and share the Referral Link (which is unique to you) with your friends. (For the referral to be tracked, your friend has to click on your Referral Link and enter their name and email address to register for a new account.)

3. Once your friend has successfully signed up for a new account, both yourself and your friend will receive $50 credit*.

4. To check, go to: MY ACCOUNT > Points

5. To use your credit, click on the “APPLY DISCOUNT” button on the checkout page. The offset amount will be automatically calculated.