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Full Blood Wagyu MB9+ Short Rib Yakiniku Grilling Meat


Indulge in the ultimate grilling experience with our Australian Full Blood Wagyu MB9+ Short Rib Yakiniku. This premium cut of beef comes from Full Blood Wagyu cattle, which are known for their intense marbling and unparalleled flavor. The meat is graded at MB9+ on the Australian marbling scale, meaning it is among the highest quality Wagyu available.

Short Ribs are a popular and delicious cut of beef, Yakiniku style, particularly well suited to grilling, slow-cooking and braising. They are rich in flavor and have a succulent texture that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Each pack contains mouth-watering short ribs that are perfect for any special occasion or just a luxurious meal at home. Enjoy the intense, rich flavor and tenderness that only the finest Australian Full Blood Wagyu can offer. It’s packed with healthy nutrients and with all the healthy unsaturated fats that wagyu is known for. You will not regret splurging on this gourmet delight, it’s truly an once in a lifetime experience!

产品重量: 200克