Australian Wagyu Boneless Shin/Shank MB9+ (1KG) - East Side Butchers

Australian Wagyu Boneless Shin/Shank MB9+ (1KG)


Cut from the leg of the animal, the meat from the forequarter (shin) and hindquarter (shank) is full of connective tissue and is great for stews, casseroles or any moist-heat slow and low cooking method as the collagen will break down and result in flavorful, tender meat and luscious gravy.

MB9+ Wagyu shins/shanks are relatively lean despite its high marbling score and will not result in an overly greasy gravy. The meat is from 100% Full Blood Wagyu cattle that are not diluted with any other breed.

Grain-fed with no added hormones.

Product Weight: 970G-1KG