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East Side Butchers is Singapore’s only integrated multi-brand BBQ retail store, grill academy and online butchery. Founded in 2019 by Bobby Yeoh to bring steakhouse-quality beef to consumers at an affordable price, East Side Butchers is an online butchery that specialises in quality Australian/American beef, Australian/New Zealand seafood and other meats such as Australian Gooralie pork, White Pyrenees lamb from Australia and Silver Hill Irish duck which are vacuum packaged and delivered in insulated boxes to the customers’ door. For steak, BBQ and smoking enthusiasts, we offer specialty cuts like whole briskets, rump caps (picanha), short ribs, and steaks cut to your thickness preference.

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Hot off the Grill

How to have the perfect outdoor barbecue: Cooking tips from a grill master | CNA Lifestyle
(9 Apr 2022, CNA)

Planning to gather your friends and family for an outdoor barbecue? CNA Lifestyle gets a crash course from Chef Desmond Tan of Fyregrill BBQ Store and Academy.

Want to learn how to get the perfect char? What’s the best charcoal to use? When do you know your steak and chicken wings are done? We’ve got you covered. (Video: Joyee Koo, Genevieve Loh)

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How to cook the perfect steak at home and beef up your outdoor barbecue skills
(9 Apr 2022, CNA)

Grill master and chef Desmond Tan, who’s the founder of East Side Butchers, and Fyregrill Academy (the only barbecue cooking school in Singapore to offer demo and hands-on classes using a variety of grills and smokers) told CNA Lifestyle that the tips for a perfecting an open-pit barbecue party are fairly simple. (Don’t forget to check out the video at the end.)

But if you don’t have access to a barbecue grill, you can still cook a fantastic steak in your home kitchen without overpowering oil fumes, said Tan.

All set? Here’s Tan’s cheat sheet for steak greatness:

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Be a Grill Master
(Apr/May 2022, Epicure Asia)

Charcoal grilling doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you have the right techniques, tools and a little patience. Here are some tips and tricks for the perfect barbecue.
With the rainy season behind us, it’s time to get fired up and enjoy a good cookout. In Singapore, a barbecue often involves boisterous gatherings with family and friends, all huddled together around the pit, first trying to light the charcoal, fanning the flames, arguing who should do the cooking, then getting covered in smoke and grease.
And that’s even before the meat has touched the grill. The end result however, is often worth the sweat and heat, because the smoky and succulent flavours of charcoal-grilled foods are hard to beat. Founder and grill master of Fyregrill (Singapore’s only integrated multi-brand barbecue retail store and academy), Desmond Tan, explains why: “As the meat cooks, the drippings which contain fats, sugars and proteins vaporise upon hitting the hot charcoal and rise back up to envelop and coat the meat. Furthermore, charcoal burns at a very high temperature and can sear meat very quickly, creating a delicious and attractive crusty, caramelised exterior.” Here, he shares his expertise and dishes out several tips on how to grill your food using charcoal for the perfect barbecue.
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How to Make the Perfect Roast
(Dec/Jan 2022, Epicure Asia)

Desmond Tan, grill master and chef of East Side Butchers (an online butchery specialising in Australian grain-fed and grass-fed meats) and Fyregrill Store and Academy (which retails BBO grills and conducts cooking classes) agrees. “Choose the cut of meat based on the cooking method you intend to use, for example, grilling, panfry, roasting, slow cooking and smoking. Muscles on the animal such as shanks, chuck, cheeks and briskets that do a lot of work are very tough and require a longer cooking time. Muscles that do not get a lot of movement tend to be more tender such as tenderloin, ribeye, striploin, rump and flank. They can be served pink so they require relatively less cooking time. For beef, use ribeye or striploin for more tender roasts, while the rump or rump cap has a heavier beefy flavour. Likewise for lamb, use a boneless leg or shoulder.”

Likewise, Tan says, “It’s not recommended to remove all visible fat as fat gives flavour and protects the meat keeping it moist while roasting. The fat will render during the cooking process creating a basting effect and helps the meat achieve a nice caramelisation. Keep a thin layer of fat on your roasting joint and put the fat side on top when roasting. However, if there’s too much fat on a piece of meat, trim some of it using a sharp kitchen knife without cutting into the muscle.”

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The A-Zs that rocked 2021: Online gourmet shops
(18 Dec 2021, The Straits Times)

“Carnivores are spoilt for choice with online butcheries bringing in choice meats from different parts of the world, often at lower prices than those in supermarkets.

East Side Butchers is a good place to start, as it frequently holds sales for top-quality meats. For example, it had a one-for-one deal early this month for Miyazaki wagyu A5 striploin, which is among the top grades of Japanese beef. You can also buy the lauded Silver Hill duck from Ireland that is served in many top Chinese restaurants here.”

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Where to buy a BBQ grill in Singapore
(Dec 2021, Expat Living)

“Founded and run by grill master and chef Desmond Tan, Fyregrill is Singapore’s only multi-brand barbecue specialty store and grilling academy. The store offers a wide range of products including gas, charcoal and kamado grills from major brands like Napoleon, Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s and more. They also feature a range of specialty BBQ grills like pizza ovens and smokers, along with all the accessories you need to get started.

The store’s staff are barbecue enthusiasts themselves, so you’ll be getting advice that comes from years of experience. They’re also able to advise you on cooking techniques and the ideal BBQ grill for your type of home. If you need a primer before visiting the store, check out their handy guide to picking the best BBQ grill for your needs.”

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Hands-on learning: East Side Butchers /
Fyregrill Academy

(27 Nov 2021, The Straits Times)

“I attended a course called Secrets To Cooking A Thick Cut Steak, which was an eye-opener as I had previously only cooked 2cm thick steaks that weighed 300g at most. At the class, I learnt to cook a hunk of beef at double the thickness, as well as a bone-in ribeye that was essentially a tomahawk steak with the extended bone lopped off. And it was all done using just a frying pan and an oven.

The only other equipment required was a meat thermometer, an essential tool for the novice cook to make sure that the centre is cooked. You do not want to slice it up, only to find bloody meat. I also learnt a method of cooking steaks called reverse searing. Instead of the traditional way of searing the meat on the pan then finishing it in the oven, this went the opposite way.

The meat went into the oven at a low temperature first and stayed there until the centre hit a certain temperature. Then I seared it quickly with the frying pan. This method is becoming more popular because you get a more evenly cooked piece of meat with a nicely browned crust.” – Wong Ah Yoke 

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