New Zealand 100% Grass-fed Ribeye (350G x 4 pcs)

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One of the most popular steaks among steak eaters, the ribeye comes from the Longissimus Dorsi muscle which runs down the spine and doesn’t do too much work and hence makes for a naturally tender steak. The marbled fat running through the “eye” and ribeye cap provides the steak with extra flavor as the fat is rendered while cooking.

Sourced from 100% grass-fed cattle that are naturally and sustainably raised in lush green meadows in New Zealand. Grass-fed beef contains high levels of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and delivers a rich, savory flavor and a hearty eating experience. Great for pan-frying or grilling.

100% grass-fed. No added hormones. Antibiotic free. No genetically engineered feed.

Product weight: 4 x 350g pieces

Product of New Zealand

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