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New Zealand 100% Grass-fed Tenderloin (2-2.4KG)


Full flavored grass-fed beef sourced from livestock that are exclusively raised in New Zealand’s North Island where they graze freely on nutrient-rich pastures and native grasses.

Beef tenderloin is one of the most tender (and expensive) cuts of beef from which the famed filet mignon cut is derived. As there’s very little fat within the tenderloin — making it a very lean cut, the optimum doneness is medium rare. The tenderloin is also best known for being the cut of choice for the classic Beef Wellington where it’s seared then wrapped in buttery puff pastry and baked; or wrapped in pancetta and roasted. (See recipe below.)

100% Free Range. Grass Fed. No Added Hormones. Antibiotic free.

Product Weight: 2-2.4KG

Product of New Zealand.

Please note: This product is sold whole. If you would like the tenderloin to be cut into steaks, please choose your options below. Due to the naturally uneven shape of the tenderloin muscle, the steaks may vary in shape. The steaks will be vacuum packed.

(Butchers Club points cannot be used with this promotion.)