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Gooralie Free-Range St. Louis Pork Ribs


Located near the belly, St. Louis-style pork ribs are juicer and meatier than baby back ribs. Ideal for slow cooking such as BBQ, stews and even curries.

From Queensland’s Darling Downs, Gooralie Free Range Pork products are farmed sustainably for high-quality taste and tenderness. Gooralie pigs are raised in a natural outdoor environment & fed a nutritiously balanced diet free of chemical residue, antibiotics, and hormones. They have the freedom to truffle, play, and wallow in the mud. Gooralie Free Range Pork is APIQ Quality assured & their focus on animal welfare, food safety & traceability is reflected in the high-quality range of pork products they deliver.

Product Weight: Approx 900g
Product Of Australia

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