Wagyu Beef Tenderloin MB4/5 Whole (2.9-3.25kg) - East Side Butchers

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin MB4/5 Whole (2.9-3.25kg)


The tenderloin is extremely tender, often the most prized cut of the cattle. Roast it whole or cook as steaks, this cut is bound to ‘wow’ your party. They will be coming back to you for more!

No Added Hormones. Antibiotic Free.

Cooking methods: grilling, pan-fried, roasts, bbq

Product Weight: 2.9-3.25kg
Product Of Australia

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Salt Crusted Beef Tenderloin


*Please note: This product is sold as a whole. If you require us to portion cut, the trimmings will be returned to you.


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