Wagyu Beef Whole Packer Brisket MB4/5 (6-6.5kg) - East Side Butchers

Wagyu Beef Whole Packer Brisket MB4/5 (6-6.5kg)


This beef is hand-selected to provide an extraordinary combination of silky flavours, tenderness, taste & juiciness that will exceed expectations and guarantee a premium dining experience. The point end of the brisket is generally taken to be a front cut beef brisket is a tough cut of meat that needs to be slow-cooked to break down the muscle fibres which will yield a superior satisfying result if cooked properly low and slow.

No Added Hormones. Antibiotic Free.

Cooking method: smoked, braised, slow-cooked

Product Weight: 6-6.5kg
Product Of Australia

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Texas Style Brisket